Easy Money Recycling Cardboard Boxes 10/27/2008 8:35:40 AM

Every day people purchase new shipping and moving boxes at a significant expense. While it is possible to find low cost, or even free, used boxes, the process is often time consuming, embarrassing, and full of frustration and uncertainty. Anyone who's ever moved has probably experienced either significant expense for new shipping boxes or countless trips to stores on search of usable discards. A new San Francisco startup, however, aims to change all that with an online process that makes it easy for those in need of boxes to find those who have extras to dispose of.

BoxCycle allows people or organizations (retailers) with extra boxes on hand to list them on its site, including how many they have, what sizes they are, where they are located and when the boxes can be picked up. Buyers can then search for sellers based on location or price, reserve their boxes by arranging a pickup appointment, and pay for their purchase online. At that point BoxCycle gives the buyer the seller's address and issues a proof-of-purchase pickup slip. Upon arrival, the buyer can look over the boxes and select which ones they want. BoxCycle handles the advertisement, pricing, order processing and payment collection for each seller's boxes; in exchange, it charges a fee of 50 percent of the list price. Box prices range from USD 0.75 to USD 8 each, and there is a minimum order of USD 2.

Retailers receive daily shipments in boxes that they then spend time and money getting rid of. While many are happy to provide used boxes to others, they don't have time to look for interested people. Recyclers, moving companies, and box manufacturers accept pennies for recycling perfectly good boxes instead of much higher prices people are willing to pay because these sellers are not setup to deal directly with consumers.

With BoxCycle, buyers instantly see willing sellers in their area including sellers' distance and approximate location, box inventory, and hours. Buyers reserve their boxes by arranging a pickup appointment and paying for their purchase online. BoxCycle not only makes the transaction simple, certain, and inexpensive, but also more convenient. By locating sellers close to them, buyers can pickup their boxes the same day without long drives or costs and delays of delivery.

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