How to Make a Load of Money with the Shit Box 6/4/2008 7:41:33 AM

What do you do on those moments when you get the urge for number two on the road, but donít have access to a proper toilet? Just like you wouldnít leave your dogís poop on the side of the road, you shouldnít leave a heap of your own either. Instead of scooping, try these disposable portable corrugated recycled cardboard toilets.

They are ideal for Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Boating, Traffic Jams, etc. and can be easily carried to remote locations so you can pack it in and pack it out. With this system it is easy to exercise responsible waste disposal at all times.
  • With the OutBack Pack you simply pull cardboard toilet from the resealable bag, open double panels, fold seat over, fold remaining seat on top. Insert a waste disposal bag and attach tissue to designated panel for easy access and go... It comes with light weight toilet, three waste disposal bags, resealable storage bag, tissue, and directions.
  • The Shit Box is a lightweight, portable cardboard toilet that is perfect for outdoor activities where there is no toilet available. Itís also handy for times when you have the runs and you canít get to a toilet quick enough. It comes as a 14-inch flat device that folds up and 10 biodegradable poo bags.
Convenient? Hell yes. All you have to do is:
  •  "Assemble a cardboard toilet bowl," and
  • Get rid of the plastic bag thatís there to "tightly seal human waste for later disposal."

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