Ecofriendly Pack & Move Success Venture 10/14/2007 9:06:53 AM

20% of all US residents move every year, and the way we move haven’t changed in 200 years, using environmentally destructive packing such as cardboard boxes, plastic bubble wrap and Styrofoam. Most people toss out this stuff after unpacking and the problem perpetuates as more waste enter the landfill and resources are consumed to replace the materials needed to pack and move. It’s a vicious cycle of destructive environmental behavior.

EarthFriendlyMoving is out to change the way America packs and moves. They’ve created an environmentally friendly, zero-waste packing and moving system developed entirely from recyclable trash mined from local landfills. Instead of buying cheap disposable cardboard boxes, which typically get thrown away after just one move, they deliver direct to your door the reusable "RecoPack" ( short for "Recycled Ecological Packing Solution"), which is a system of lightweight, stackable containers, available in five sizes.

The Recopack is made from all of those hard-to-recycle colorful plastic bottles such as bleach bottles, cleaning products, dishwashing and laundry detergent. This plastic trash is cleaned, sorted, scrubbed, and then ground into a billion little pieces. It takes 74 of these plastic bottles to make one container and it will last for a very long time. For every 100 containers manufactured, the company removes an average of 256 pounds of trash from landfills. This translates into 7,400 plastic bottles, 600 used diapers, 83 pounds of paper, 13 pounds of hydrocarbons and 64 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Customers can rent RecoPacks for just “a buck a box a week”, which, depending on how long they keep them, may actually be less than they might spend on traditional cardboard boxes. Even better, the containers are lightweight, sturdy and stackable, and the company delivers them and picks them up in their bio-fueled trucks.
People who want to further protect their breakables might wrap them in their "Giami" packing paper, a honeycomb-like recycled paper made to replace bubble wrap. Instead of “packing peanuts,” customers can use "RecoCubes", which are made from recycled paper sludge—simply toss them in the yard after use, and they'll compost to help feed trees and grass.

The company employs “Poopy Pallets,” each of which are made from 500 recycled baby diapers. These and other green solutions are available for rent or purchase. Even their brochures are printed with non-toxic, soy-based inks on 100% post-consumer waste fiber manufactured with alternative wind power and certified to meet Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards.

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