Get rich with eco-friendly shopping carts 9/13/2007 9:04:03 AM

Traditional shopping carts are chrome plated – a process which uses or creates acids and heavy metals which can potentially be released into the environment, not to mention that they are particularly difficult to steer when loaded.

Markitcart, founded in 2001, has developed an award-winning alternative to the traditional steel shopping cart. They are already available in Australia, and the next batches are due to begin shipping to Germany, Iceland and the US.

Each cart is made from UV stabilized and fully-recyclable shatter-proof plastic. That means they’re lighter, longer and more mobile, with weight distribution technology that makes it easier to push heavy loads than metal trolleys. The all-plastic construction uses less energy to make than a steel cart.

They also hold more groceries and take better care of them. Special holders protect beverages and easily crushed items and revolutionary new seats for children. There’s even a braking system for easier control and safety. No sharp edges or hard corners.

These carts allow advertisers to deliver their message to shoppers - while they are actually making purchasing decisions, providing repetitive reach and recall at the most pivotal place of all – the supermarket, by mean of easily interchangeable side panels that function as mobile billboards.

They are more user friendly, convenient and safe for shoppers, kinder on the environment, and offer advertising and sales opportunities for retailers and advertisers. No wonder the concept has rapidly captured the attention of leading international supermarket chains, retailers and advertisers.

The advantages over traditional steel shopping trolleys are substantial:

  • Radio frequency identification tags (RFID) compatible
  • No wobbly wheels
  • Weighs less, holds more
  • More stable design than a traditional trolley
  • Lower overall production cost and maintenance
  • Available in 12 colors that can be matched to a retailer’s brand palette.

If you are interested in promoting the concept, visit their website at: They’re in the process of organizing licensees and distributors worldwide, who typically serve as country licensees or territory development agents and need to be experienced in either selling advertising or providing a support service.

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