Profit from Geekware made of electronic junk 5/13/2007 1:52:45 PM

Show off your inner geek with stylish drop earrings made from recycled circuitboard. Let the happy memories flood back with real floppy disk notebooks and make meetings or even your shopping lists more interesting.
See how compact discs have been rescued from a life in the landfill and turned into functional art.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Acorn Studios transforms electronic waste into fashionable, eco-friendly and geeky giftware that both celebrates and saves the environment.
By combining unorthodox methods with equally unusual recycled materials, they innovative goods that are popular with computer geeks and green consumers alike.
The entrepreneurial spirit behind Acorn Studios is Nicola Harper. She spent five years as a Waste Management Engineer and after countless trips to local landfills in her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, her passions sparked.

An engineering graduate of the University of Nottingham in England, Nicola also has a masters degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Alberta, Canada. Instead of simply standing by and watching as those raw materials piled up, she decided to combine both her flair for inventing with her dedication for increasing consumer awareness of recycled content products.

Though some consumers don’t bat an eyelash when it comes time to abandon their aging, obsolete computers for the next shiny PC in the shop window, this former Environmental Engineer definitely does.
Each new creation can take months of research and experimentation to develop from the initial idea of transforming a certain waste material into a useful product. “I’ve always been passionate about recycling,” says Nicola, “and designing products from different reclaimed materials is fun!”

Acorn Studios has helped the fundraising efforts of a number of charities, shared their knowledge in recycling and composting by teaching kids how to recycle paper and by setting up many home composting units in the community.

Acorn Studios goes a long way in their goal to create awareness and more sustainable businesses. However, they do so in a refreshing manner that stirs up a sense of fun and intrigue. A visit to the Reuse Crafts section on their website will quickly transform the uninformed into the eco-savvy with such inventively functional tutorials as the Recycled Necktie Wallet or the Recycled Car Mirror Shelf projects.

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