Back Yard Beekeeping 8/23/2010 9:30:48 AM

Many beekeepers have bee hives in their back yards. Some bees are even kept on city roof-tops. Bees can travel several miles to collect nectar and pollen, so they do not need flowering plants close by. Most suburbs have plenty of flowers, and bees can make a good crop of local honey.

The Homestead Hive from Missouri-based Bee Landing is crafted from wood that’s twice as thick as what's used in most hives so as to better stabilize temperature and humidity for the bees’ health and longevity. The hive's design also lets the bees choose the size of the cell they make—an important factor in combating the mite problem that has plagued the species, Bee Landing says—and it ensures that enough honey is always left to feed the bees. Floating ends permit quick, easy access to the hive with minimal disturbance to the brood, while an observation window makes it easy to study the bees and check on their progress.

Bee Landing offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee on the USD 300 Homestead Hive, and it donates 10 percent of its profits to The Honey Bee Convervancy. Also available is a USD 320 Starter Kit that includes the Homestead Hive along with assorted beginning equipment.

The Homestead Hive is:

  • 100% Handmade using wood that’s 2 times thicker than the competition’s: This stabilizes the inside temperature and humidity to create a natural, hollow log-like environment for the bees.
  • Designed with floating ends for minimal disturbance: You can quickly and easily check on the brood or the honey without disturbing the entire colony.
  • Crafted to supply honey for you and the bees: Unlike other beehives, these hives make sure the bees enjoy a natural diet of their own honey – and there’s plenty left over for collection.

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