Staple-Free Eco Stapler 3/26/2010 7:40:20 AM

You know this gadget, ever present in every office. A stapler is a mechanical device that joins sheets of paper or similar material by driving a thin metal staple through the sheets and folding the ends. If each one of the UK's ten million office workers used one less staple every day, 120 tons of steel would be saved each year. For comparison, the construction of the Staples Center in downtown LA used 2,500 tons.

You usual problems with these devices: no staples when you need them. Now, you won't have to worry nay more. Although the concept may not seem to make sense at first, the eco-friendly staple-less stapler will be a product you will learn to love. Without the help of any staples, these “staplers” can attach up to four sheets of paper. Coming in different colors and even in the form of cute animals (see cat and dog above), these staplers are hassle-free, and friendly to the environment. Of course, minus the staples, these pieces are child-safe, making them all the more easy to love.

Created by the creatives at Made By Humans, an award winning designer and distributor of contemporary giftware, home and office accessories, and stationery and promotional items. This cool device cuts out a tiny strip of paper and uses it to stitch up to 4 pages together, uses no metal staples, creates no paper waste, ideal for paper shredders and is safe for children. Enjoy staple-free living, at least for your memos and short stacks. Lord it over your co-worker the next time he bugs you about forgetting to print double-sided.

This is what eco conscious Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue said about it:
"The stapler is a fine product. I was impressed by the elegance and simplicity of the design when I opened it. I like the idea of not sending thousands of bits of metal to the landfill. My goal is to at least recover the cost of a pack of staples before it wears out! And -- has anyone else noticed? -- it makes a great stress ball: top part on your palm, fingers on the base, and squeeze"

The company have other great products, such as pencils from recycled bamboo paper with their erasers from recycled rubber and container tube from recycled paper.

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