Green your Valentine with Eco-Jewelry 2/9/2009 7:44:06 AM

It's almost Valentines Day and its the time of year when jewelry shopping goes into high gear. In these depression times, fun, eco-friendly jewelry that wonít break the bank, is a great idea. From e-waste to recycled metals, very bright artisans and designers have come with the right ideas for your green sweetie.

  • Have you ever think about making jewelry from silverware? Thatís right, you have the silverware and if you donít use it anymore, think about how great it would look as jewelry. But you just canít melt down your current silverware and make jewelry out of it. To start with, you have to make sure that your silverware is actually silver. Check our article about these cool items.
  • Mana Bernardes is a young jewelry designer, poet, and visual artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is the jewelry designer behind the Mana line included in the TOUCH on-line gallery. She brings new meaning to the term creative re-use, finding the idea of luxury in mundane household objects like toothpicks and hairclips or cutting pieces out of used phone cards and PET bottles to be used as discs for her jewelry. Read about it here.
  • Show off your inner geek with stylish drop earrings made from recycled circuit board. Let the happy memories flood back with real floppy disk notebooks and make meetings or even your shopping lists more interesting. See how compact discs have been rescued from a life in the landfill and turned into functional art.
  • Diamonds are forever, but eco-jewelry is the green girlís soul mate. Dealing in recycled gold, silver and platinum, and recycled and cultured gems, Green Karat is a great option for eco-friendly precious jewelry, if youíre in the market for a gorgeous jewel with a responsible attitude.
  • Advertisements and society illustrations from 1930ís newspapers found in the artistís kitchen walls, vintage Japanese postage stamps, hand-colored French postcards, and bits of antique lace are all components of the artful jewelry from Minnesota artist Jaana Mattson of the Applied Arts studio.

There is a wealth of forgotten treasures to be discovered everywhere from flea markets to garage sales. They become ethical and ecologically responsible alternatives to destructive and unsustainable ways. A new market has emerged for jewelry made from recycled precious metals and synthetic gems, in addition to a plethora of unique, handcrafted jewelry made from such things as recycled glass, post-consumer plastic, and natural materials as you can see, and we will be looking forward for this trend to go mainstream.

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