How to Green Britney Spears and other Celebrities... With Garbage 1/23/2009 10:02:44 AM

With more and more celebrities endorsing the Green Movement with great style and eco-chick selections, their clothes rapidly become popular with teenagers and people who like eco styles. So one way of killing two birds with one stone, so to speak would be taking care of our garbage by promoting it's use by means of Hollywood endorsements.

Suddenly it is sexy, hip and chic to be eco-conscious and sustainable. It reflects their glamorous ability to connect within the eyes of the buying public. This attention is able to influence the consumer's behavior as well as generate profits. The so called "Oprah Effect".
Anyone can discard  unwanted items; itís far more difficult to creatively contend with garbage.

  • A couple of top designers have teamed up to launch Recycle Now Week to promote their passions for fashion and raising environmental awareness. They designed dresses out of trash, recycling old packaging, cans, newspapers and more, proving waste can be made in to striking fashion with the right touch. Even a tiered ball gown of recycled denim looks good.
  • Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch makes armor-grade underwear out of recycled soda cans and tabs which she calls Trashy Lingerie! She also uses gutter guards, rivets, washers, and washing machine hose clamps from the hardware store to help her complete her creations.
  • These designs as it is really easy to identify what they are made from, be it mops, rubber gloves or cassette tapes. This aspect of simple identification does take away from the practical wearability of the items, however. I am not sure that I would be massively into going out covered in scrubbers!
  • Hereís a collection of dumpster-inspired fashion straight from the catwalks, a trend started way back in 2006 when it was seen in the catwalk shows of Marni and Gareth Pugh. Alexander Herchkovitch, Luella, Moschino, and Hamish Morrow have all followed up, and I have to say, I am totally into garbage chic now.
  • Weíve kept tabs on green treasures made of recycled products, and love the creativity one manís trash can inspire in another creative manís mind. A new up-and-coming eco art gallery was founded based on this same principle. Categories include beach glass, bottles/cans, broken glass, found wood, gemstones, organics, paper, plaster/clay, plastics, recycled fabrics, recycled metals, rocks, trash/garbage and an upcycled section.

So we hope that some celebrities, wanna-bes or has-beens wanting to keep the tabloids eyes on them decides to try some of these creations and promote the artistric use of our trash.


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