Cool Idea: Recycle your Snow
Created 11/26/2008 7:55:03 AM 
Last winter, Ottawa was buried in more than 400 centimeters of snow. Clearing it off the roads and trucking it to the city's snow dumps cost $88 million. So, the city council asked for a study to examine the feasibility to use the "cold energy" stored in tons of snow collected from city streets in the winter to cool buildings such as hospitals, universities and government complexes during the hot summer months.
How to Profit from Agro Waste Products
Created 11/3/2008 7:34:04 AM 
Polystyrene products have been used for years as home insulation and Styrofoam packaging, but the petroleum-based materials are infamous for the toll they take on the environment. However, in the cradle-to-cradle industrial model, goods should either be fully biodegradable or reusable, limiting waste and pollution. With a rapidly increasing global population, a limited supply of natural resources, and rising energy prices, eco-friendly housing products are selling fast.
Bottled vs. Tap Water
Created 10/22/2008 7:39:56 AM 
Once, most Americans got their water only from the tap. Now, they're often buying their water in a bottle. At work, after a workout, or just about any time, they're drinking bottled water in record numbers--a whopping 5 billion gallons in 2001 alone, according to the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), an industry trade group. That's about the same amount of water that falls from the American Falls at Niagara Falls in two hours!
Nature 2.01
Created 10/10/2008 7:47:24 AM 
Inspired from world’s debates on eco-crisis on Earth, Belgium-based designers presented chairs and stools upholstered in real tree bark. The pieces, which feature ash bark formed over timber and resin, are based on the notion that if trees had square trunks, less wood would be wasted.
How to Grow your Own Plastic Bag
Created 9/1/2008 7:42:37 AM 
Most foods are still packed in plastic, which not only fills landfills and pollutes oceans, but also perpetuates petroleum consumption. Now we are beginning to see more prominent use of biodegradable disposable food packaging, particularly at green-oriented festivals and natural groceries. These "Bioplastics" are becoming a burgeoning industry as the cost of oil climbs and the disastrous nature of petroleum-based plastics is revealed in full effect.
Business Opportunities in Biodegradable Key Cards
Created 8/27/2008 7:33:12 AM 
The plastic card industry is growing very strong and won't be going anywhere anytime soon. These ubiquitous items are used every day from credit and debit cards to gift cards and hotel keycards. In an effort to reduce the number of plastic cards that will end up in landfills, Sustainable Cards LLC, a Colorado based business, has created wooden hotel keycards. These have been used in Europe for years and are now being introduced in the US.
Panda Poop Paper: The New Eco Sensation
Created 8/25/2008 8:04:04 AM 
Researchers at a giant panda reserve in southern China are looking for paper mills to process their surplus of fiber-rich panda excrement into high quality paper. Liao Jun, a researcher at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base in Sichuan province, said the idea came to them after a visit to Thailand. They thought panda poop would produce a fine quality paper, he said. The center's 40 bamboo-fed pandas produce about 2 tons of droppings a day.
Fish Pedicure: The New Sensation of the Spa World
Created 7/28/2008 7:46:28 AM 
What would you do to beautify your feet? The scenario is common across America. You walk into the nail shop or spa, request a pedicure and take your seat. Shortly thereafter, you are escorted to the massage chair and your feet are placed a warm tub of scented water while your lower back receives much deserved attention.
Make Billions from Sugarcane Biodiesel
Created 6/18/2008 7:33:43 AM 
Most biodiesel today is made from soybeans or recycled vegetable oil and does not offer the same performance as petroleum-based diesel. A California startup engineers microbes to transform them into molecular oil refineries, digesting sugar to produce low-carbon equivalents of petroleum based fuel.
Fishy Business: Discarded Fish Skin Fashion
Created 6/11/2008 7:38:30 AM 
Many people who lived near rivers and oceans have used fish skin throughout history. It's not an original idea and tanned fish skins have long been used in Russia and Japan, where they were employed to bind sword handles. What's new is the way these discards are put to use in this brave new world. Two of them show a promising future.


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