Recycling Leftovers to Make Electricity
Created 8/24/2009 8:27:41 AM 
Two million of tourists visit the U.S. Virgin Islands every year leaving up to 146,000 tons of garbage behind. The territory has faced EPA fines for excess solid waste and has almost run out of places to put all that stuff. But the energy potential of all those leftovers might be even greater. And here’s a company that wants to use it.
Crowdfunding the Sustainable use of Forests
Created 8/21/2009 7:56:30 AM 
With all the pressures placed upon forests for the natural resources they contain, some creative entrepreneurs envisioned a crowdfunding model to protect and sustain them. At Wisconsin's Driftless Farm, members pay an annual contribution in exchange for the right to enjoy many of the experiences and products the forest has to offer.
Subscribe to your Local Farmer
Created 8/19/2009 8:29:12 AM 
If there is one unquestionably good thing we can each do, it is to try to shorten the distance between farm and table. In terms of sustainability, local food trumps imported, and organic beats petro-industrial. Grow your own food, if you can, but many of us aren't in a situation to do much gardening, much less become self-sufficient.
Strike Gold With Lazy Urban Farmers
Created 8/14/2009 8:18:17 AM 
Home food production can be strenuous work, often taking hours of labor to set up and maintain. This aspect of home horticulture was one of the main complaints of large unit families who have little or no spare time throughout their day. What was needed was a simple, fun solution which could encourage families and individuals to grow there own food saving them money and of course the environment.
Positive Energy: Putting a Smile on your Utility Bills
Created 8/3/2009 8:40:45 AM 
There are initiatives that reward consumers for reducing household energy use. Taking a different approach is US-based Positive Energy, which compares households' energy consumption, adding a social twist to being green. The company works with local utility companies, which use its software to add persuasive information to customer bills.
Does your Waste Smell like Money?
Created 7/29/2009 9:16:38 AM 
The Suwa Basin, in the Nagano Prefecture, Japan is home to mineral springs as well as to precision machining companies and metal plating facilities. All of these are thought to contribute to the high concentration of gold in their wastewater sludge. The sewage treatment plant is a modern day urban mine extracting more than 4 pounds of gold from each ton of the fly ash that it produces from processing wastewater!
Make a Fortune with Tap Water from Thin Air
Created 7/27/2009 7:09:55 AM 
Finding clean drinking water is increasingly difficult and communities are already engaged in nasty legal battles over water rights. California has estimated it may run out of clean drinking water within 20 years. Plus, a new awareness of the bacteria and parasites that currently contaminate our drinking water and the environmental cost of bottled water are also fueling intense debate.
Bike Sharing + iPod = Cool Money
Created 7/3/2009 8:26:36 AM 
Commuters weary of stuffy journeys aboard buses and subways have a better way to get to work, buy groceries and meet for a Saturday matinee. Bike-sharing programs transformed Europeans into two-wheeled travelers. It is a decades-old concept that offers urbanites and tourists low-cost access to bicycles within the inner city to ease traffic congestion, curb pollution and boost physical activity.
Get Rich with Crop Waste Fuel
Created 6/22/2009 8:11:34 AM 
Fried, raw, baked or even distilled into beer or wine, bananas are a staple in many tropical countries such as Rwanda, in East Africa, where approximately two million tons of the fruit are grown annually. Though much of the fruit is used, the majority of the skins, leaves and stems are left behind as waste.
Recycle your Banana for Profit
Created 6/5/2009 8:56:21 AM 
No matter how well we recycle, there will always be the need for virgin fiber in the paper industry. Both trees and non-wood fibers are cultivated for paper making around the world. The United States paper industry is structured almost entirely around wood as the source of fiber. This has resulted in the decimation of our old growth forests. Even today, old growth forests continue to be clear cut to make paper.


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