Have you heard of Slow Food USA?
Created 1/15/2010 9:00:37 AM 
Since 1998, Slow Food USA, the American branch of the Slow Food organization, has spearheaded community organizing and national policy initiatives advocating sustainable, local food. It was created to organize the first-ever American collaborative gathering to unite the growing sustainable food movement and introduce thousands of people to food that is good, clean and fair.
The Secret of Turning Plastic back into Oil
Created 12/28/2009 8:20:36 AM 
Today, plastic touches every aspect of our daily lives in some way. It keeps the foods we eat fresh, the medicines we take secure, and the homes we live in safe. The global culture of consumerism relies upon plastic for its very existence. The overall plastic market is growing at a rate of more than 7% per year. In 2005, over 230 million metric tons (over 500 billion pounds) of plastic was produced globally.
Holy Green Computing
Created 12/18/2009 8:24:48 AM 
Computer equipment and data centers take up lots of space, suck a ton of energy, and generate a large amount of heat. Whereas keeping sets of servers cool can be a complicated endeavor, the city of Helsinki is putting that excess thermal energy to good use with the creation of what a local power firm has called the “greenest data center on the planet“.
The Best Xmas Idea Ever!
Created 12/4/2009 7:48:56 AM 
Christmas trees have come under critical fire for the environmental damage that they can generate - mostly to wildlife habitats through mass tree plantation and the associated use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. After all, you are cutting down a living part of the environment, bringing it into your home, and decorating it for a few weeks before discarding it then repeating the whole process again next year. However, going real is the best way to “go green” this holiday.
Sustainable Goodies by Subscription
Created 11/6/2009 8:31:35 AM 
Rather than selling products individually, a subscription sells periodic use or access to a product or service and at the same time become a recurring sale and can build brand loyalty. Subscription/membership model used by industries such as video rentals and magazines is a great way for fledgling entrepreneurs to get a foothold in the food business, creating a steady income and a client base.
Vending Machines for Local Produce
Created 10/19/2009 8:15:09 AM 
In a world wrapped up in global supply chains, small farmers can only sell to supermarkets and get less cash for your carrots, or spend a lot of time and effort trying to sell directly to customers. Consumers, meanwhile, are torn between loyalty to local businesses and the convenience of those established supply chains.
Is There Money in Organic Food Vending Machines?
Created 10/9/2009 8:43:33 AM 
Finding a convenient, healthy snack can be difficult in workplaces and schools where fruit trees are long gone and the best on offer now comes from a vending machine stuffed with junk. In this troubled economic times, many schools are forced to shut down their cafeteria services and replace them with rows of vending machines.
Make a Fortune with All-Natural Pools
Created 9/11/2009 8:22:43 AM 
­Conceptually, swimming pools are pretty simple -- they're just big basins of water, but there is a lot of technology and chemicals at work in your average pool -- much more than you might expect. They use a combination of filtration and chemical treatment to continually clean a large volume of water. Some of this stuff might be harmful to you and the environment.
Marketplace for Local Gardening
Created 8/31/2009 8:35:10 AM 
With growing interest in all things green—and, in particular, urban farming and locally grown food—there's no doubt there will be plenty of demand from consumers lacking the expertise or time to handle all the gardening themselves. For talented amateur gardeners, it's a golden opportunity to earn a little extra cash.
The Business of Virtual Food Gardening
Created 8/28/2009 8:34:19 AM 
Wish you had time and a place to grow your own food? How about all the hassle of digging, watering and caring for your vegetables? Fear no more, now there's a great solution for all of us green sustainable eco couch potatoes.


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