Repurposing Trash with Style
(11/9/2009 8:55:41 AM)
Junk Art
Re-purposing objects, recycled and/or found, can be a tricky business. Making objects that are as aesthetically appealing and functional as the aforementioned Hangelier isn’t simply a matter of gleaning trash from laneways. Waste is the most abundant local resource our cities have to offer. Often free or inexpensive, waste is a seemingly endless supply, always providing new and exciting design possibilities.

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Profiting from Recycled Junk Mail
(8/13/2008 7:49:28 AM)
Junk Art
Junk mail is advertising of one sort or another that arrives in your postal mailbox along with the mail you really want or need. It's impossible to eliminate all of it. They're ugly and a waste of ink and paper and we toss them in the trash at the first chance (some 4 million tons, nearly half of which is never opened). Even if you recycle there are still enormous environmental costs in terms of ink, energy to produce, deliver and recycle the paper.

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Beauty from Garbage: a Great Business Model
(7/16/2008 8:56:14 AM)
Junk Art
Product designer Ryan Frank is a perfect example of creating furniture from junk. Working out of his studio in east London, he salvages wasted surfaces such as old wood, industrial hooks, burlap bags and even tagged surfaces and morphs them into stunning home products and furniture.

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How to Make Money with Discarded Flip-Flops
(4/28/2008 7:47:17 AM)
Junk Art
The world is obliterated by many man-made products, momentarily useful and when discarded, they leave a nasty scar on the planet. It is often the poorest parts of the world that suffer the worst environmental degradation. The flip-flop is the most basic footwear for so many in the world, and every day thousands of these non-degradable pieces wash up on beaches around the globe, blighting the coastlines and the lives of local coastal people and the marine ecology.

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