The Agropolis: Produce Grown On-Site
(11/18/2010 8:01:53 AM)
Renewable Resources
With the world heading towards a greener future, eating local is one practice is receiving a big push. Taking this eating local culture to a completely new level altogether is a team from the NSA Ames campus. This team of business professionals envisioned a do-it-yourself grocery store concept that grows the fruits and veggies on site.

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Green Mean Steam Weed Killer
(9/9/2010 9:16:17 AM)
Renewable Resources
It used to be that when we saw a bank of brown weeds, it meant an application of pesticide. Now we won’t have to avoid that little patch of death. Not anymore. This new machine kills the weed by applying high-temperature stream directly to the pest.

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Back Yard Beekeeping
(8/23/2010 9:30:48 AM)
Renewable Resources
Many beekeepers have bee hives in their back yards. Some bees are even kept on city roof-tops. Bees can travel several miles to collect nectar and pollen, so they do not need flowering plants close by. Most suburbs have plenty of flowers, and bees can make a good crop of local honey.

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Urban Fruit-Picking to Prevent Waste
(8/16/2010 8:42:41 AM)
Renewable Resources
It's right about this time of year that those with fruit trees and gardens in the Northern Hemisphere tend to get overwhelmed by homegrown abundance. Many tons of these are wasted year after year; but no more.

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