The Recycled Office Supplies Millionaire
Created 12/28/2007 8:29:24 AM 
In 1993 Tom Kemper founded Dolphin Blue, a company that sells recycled office supplies online. Today, it is a successful and growing example of true environmental stewardship. It offers recycled office supplies such as paper, laser cartridges, inkjet cartridges, tree free paper, organizers, pocket folders, color laser copy paper, stationery, envelope, letterhead and photo paper plus specialty fiber papers and other environmentally responsible products.
Money from the center of the Earth
Created 9/26/2007 7:36:53 AM 
Geothermal power is energy generated by heat stored beneath the Earth's surface. Available in an almost unlimited amount, it currently supplies less than half a percentage point of the world's energy. It is becoming increasingly more accessible and is used widely in the Philippines, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, China and Iceland.


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