BigBelly: The First Solar Trash Can
Created 6/18/2010 9:50:26 AM 
When we talk about making cities sustainable, bike lanes and rooftop gardens get mentioned more often than better trash cans. But in our downtowns, sanitation trucks make near-constant trips to collect garbage from unsightly, overflowing containers—adding to pollution and traffic.
Pollution Trading
Created 12/2/2009 7:40:10 AM 
Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are being emitted in huge volumes all over the planet and are highly concentrated in rich countries. These additions to the atmosphere last for many years, accumulating and trapping more of the sun's energy.
Bike Sharing + iPod = Cool Money
Created 7/3/2009 8:26:36 AM 
Commuters weary of stuffy journeys aboard buses and subways have a better way to get to work, buy groceries and meet for a Saturday matinee. Bike-sharing programs transformed Europeans into two-wheeled travelers. It is a decades-old concept that offers urbanites and tourists low-cost access to bicycles within the inner city to ease traffic congestion, curb pollution and boost physical activity.
Discover the Fortune Behind Cattle Waste
Created 5/27/2009 7:45:08 AM 
Giant livestock farms, which can house hundreds of thousands of pigs, chickens, or cows, produce vast amounts of waste,- often generating the waste equivalent of a small city. Pollution from livestock farms seriously threatens humans, fish and ecosystems. However, animal waste should be considered a valuable resource which, when managed properly, can reduce the need for commercial fertilizer or produce other benefits for man.
How to Brag about your Eco Status
Created 4/3/2009 8:26:56 AM 
Around the world, being eco-conscious has become a status symbol for consumers, partly replacing traditional status symbols that are now associated with pollution, waste and excess. Companies now creates eye-catching green brand/products, advertise the hell out of it and make it very recognizable to the masses, which in turn makes it easy for buyers to get respect from strangers.
Recycled Cardboard: A Real Money Maker
Created 2/6/2009 8:42:20 AM 
Cardboard is a generic term for a heavy duty paper based product. often used for folding cartons, set-up boxes and packaging. The material is a strong, versatile packaging material that is universally accepted for recovery and recycling. Making the pulp from trees for use in corrugated cardboard creates sulfur dioxide pollution. Recycling corrugated cardboard into new products cuts the pollution generated by half.
Recycle your Jeans into Home Insulation
Created 12/8/2008 7:47:43 AM 
This Winter, consider a more eco-friendly form of insulation instead of the hazardous fiberglass standby. The product consists almost entirely of natural denim and cotton fibers that are 100% recyclable, reducing landfill waste. The denim and cotton are also 100% post-industrial. It requires a minimal amount of energy to manufacture aiding the environment with energy conservation and reduction in pollution compared to other types of traditional insulation.
How to Profit from Agro Waste Products
Created 11/3/2008 7:34:04 AM 
Polystyrene products have been used for years as home insulation and Styrofoam packaging, but the petroleum-based materials are infamous for the toll they take on the environment. However, in the cradle-to-cradle industrial model, goods should either be fully biodegradable or reusable, limiting waste and pollution. With a rapidly increasing global population, a limited supply of natural resources, and rising energy prices, eco-friendly housing products are selling fast.
Cargocycles: Green Business Deliveries.
Created 10/1/2008 7:40:42 AM 
Companies in urban areas tend to require frequent, small deliveries of merchandise and other goods from the city outskirts and beyond. That's a recipe for inefficiency, traffic congestion and pollution, as so many delivery trucks make their way in and out of town with partial loads again and again. A significant amount of small-scale delivery traffic by light commercial vehicles is produced by business-to-business and business-to-customer activities including express-delivery and package-delivery services.
What about Global Dimming?
Created 9/5/2008 7:43:16 AM 
Global dimming is the gradual reduction in the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth's surface that was observed for several decades after the start of systematic measurements in 1950s. The effect varies by location, but worldwide it has been estimated to be of the order of a 4% reduction over the three decades from 1960–1990. It is believed to be caused by an increase in particulates such as sulfate aerosols in the atmosphere due to human pollution.


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