ecoATM: Cash for your Old Cellphone
Created 9/29/2010 10:07:43 AM 
Approximately 75 percent of all retired cell phones are languishing in sock drawers because it’s too much trouble to dispose of them properly. A startup called ecoATM hopes to change that with a new service.
e-Stewards: New Certification System for E-Waste Recycling
Created 5/10/2010 8:15:55 AM 
The problem of e-waste: Between the breakneck pace of technological progress and our voracious appetite for gadgets, we're accumulating piles of obsolete computers, cell phones, and other electronic junk. This stuff is hard to dispose of because it's full of many different materials and tends to contain toxins like mercury, lead, and arsenic. This junk is often shipped overseas where it's "recycled" with very little oversight and becomes an environmental and public health disaster.
Give your Old Phone a New Life
Created 4/9/2010 8:13:30 AM 
As cell phone usage continues to grow and phone companies regularly release newer, hipper smartphones, electronic waste climbs accordingly. One of the developed world's biggest exports is increasingly e-waste, and the problem is not slowing down anytime soon—a study from the UN predicts a 500 percent rise in e-waste in developing countries by 2020. So what can be done now to slow that astounding rise?
Recycle your phones for Haiti: Help Quake Victims.
Created 1/18/2010 8:33:32 AM 
There are an estimated 130 million phones retired in the United States every year. The used cell phones stashed away in your closets or drawers have real value. To some, these cell phones offer an opportunity to communicate in a way that they never have. The materials that comprise our old cell phones can also be recycled and reused to make many other products, helping to preserve the world around us. Imagine the difference each of us can make if we just do our part!
Financial Rewards of EcoATMs
Created 10/16/2009 8:17:29 AM 
Almost all consumer electronics (mobile phones, computers, monitors, printers, etc.) contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury, arsenic and a broad variety of other materials that pose a threat to the environment and health. The challenge is to extend device usage to end-of-life, safely mine existing eWaste for materials, and design new devices with planned reclamation using reclaimed materials where possible.
More Bang for Your Walk
Created 3/28/2008 8:41:29 AM 
Ever wished you could charge your cell phones and laptop on the go - in your car, on a train, or just walking around? There are many new gadgets for mobile renewable energy and one of the the most future-forward new mobile renewable energy device is the kinetic energy charger from M2E Power, Inc.
Little Known Green Secret: Retailers Recycle Used Clothes
Created 3/12/2008 8:19:00 AM 
Whether it's printer cartridges, beverage containers, cell phones, eyeglasses, plastic bags or clothing, recycling products benefits not just the environment but also pretty much everyone involved. Thanks to increased consumerism, discarded clothing for instance, finds its way into landfills at an alarming rate, including one million tons of the stuff each year in the UK alone.


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