Local Investment Networks: Don't Just Buy Local, Invest Local!
Created 4/23/2010 8:30:59 AM 
Weíve all been told to buy locally, but when it comes to investing, we give our money to the same old faceless Fortune 500 companies. If we could invest in the neighborhood bar or bike shop instead, that capital would stay in the community. Unfortunately, securities law makes it practically impossible for small businesses to issue stock and accept investment.
Sex Sells: Angry Green Girl
Created 9/2/2009 8:48:17 AM 
As many incentives as there are for consumers to go green these days, 'hot girls' strikes us as fairly novel. A new eco-site called Angry Green Girl is celebrating its launch with a car wash featuring five models sporting teeny green bikinis, who'll sud up eco-friendly cars for free using waterless cleaners. The site will provide earth saving tips, product reviews, home makeovers and green networking.
Helping Green Businesses Flourish
Created 9/10/2008 1:27:47 PM 
Are you starting a new Green business, but you donít know where to begin? Washington DC has a membership organization that provides support to green businesses and discounts on everyday green products and services for consumers. They are also helping new green businesses flourish, and investing in sustainable development projects. It is a network of individuals who organize fundraisers for DC-based community groups and progressive organizations. Its goals are to throw distinctive, creative events and foster collaboration between DC's artistic and progressive communities.
Swap Stuff and Help Save the Planet
Created 1/28/2008 7:30:56 AM 
A very simple concept: Recycle the things you no longer need to get the stuff you want. All for free (no sign up fees, no transaction fees, no monthly fees, etc.). Also give members the option to make a donation that gets distributed among charities and non-profits. They can also create profiles, socialize and all the activities associated with your typical social network.
Green Video Sharing Website
Created 12/5/2007 7:20:21 AM 
Now that the YouTube era of Internet content is well under way, with video playing an ever-increasing role in everything from social networking to political elections, it's time to usher in the next stage. Magnify has launched a service that helps web publishers bring subject-specific video channels to their own websites.
Get rich and get off the hook
Created 7/23/2007 9:36:19 AM 
The Hanger Network has designed coat hangers made completely out of paper. The paper is thick and laminated and perfectly acceptable to toss into your recycle bin. Itís strong enough to hold your clothes without falling apart while remaining flexible at the same time. These hangers are free and saves dry cleaning businesses approximately 8 cents a hanger, meanwhile helping to lessen the burden on the environment.


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