Clothes & Shoes Recycling: A New Trend
Created 7/12/2010 9:02:09 AM 
Here's the truth about fashion: It changes quickly. So what do you do when you're stuck with a closet full of barely worn shirts, dresses and shoes? Over 190,000 tons of textiles made their way into Big Apple landfills in 2008 alone, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Industrial Wastes High Fashion with Charitable Goals
Created 5/7/2010 8:42:11 AM 
An innovative company is giving functional materials such as used fire hoses and decommissioned British Army parachute silk a fashion makeover. They transform the hoses into handbags and the silk into linings that bear the artists' illustrations and prints.
Haute Couture for Rent
Created 11/20/2009 10:15:12 AM 
Haute Couture is a French phrase for high fashion. Couture means dressmaking, sewing, or needlework and haute means elegant or high, so the two combined imply excellent artistry with the fashioning of garments. Dependant on the design house and the garment, the cost of an item can runs from about USD10,000 for a simple blouse to more than USD40,000 and often beyond that figure making it an impossible proposition for most fashion aware people.
The Netflix of Clothes Swapping
Created 10/23/2009 9:38:21 AM 
Imagine browsing at your leisure through an extensive international fashion wardrobe and choosing exactly what you want. Swapping clothes is a huge step towards sustainable living. By sharing what we already have, we are cutting down our consumption massively and reduce our carbon footprint.
Eco Fashion Showcase
Created 10/2/2009 8:05:17 AM 
In a society obsessed with instant gratification, novelty, and conspicuous consumption, itís easy to dismiss fashion design as frivolous. Skirt lengths and platform heights appear inconsequential when juxtaposed with real-world concerns like climate change, economic strife, water shortages, and hunger and malnutrition. But if you consider the fact that clothing is something in which we envelope our bodies every single day ó and which uses a ton of natural resources to produce ó to ignore the apparel industryís environmental and social impact would be negligent, not to mention foolhardy.
Profit from Free Clothes Rental
Created 7/17/2009 8:23:21 AM 
Clothes rental services have been around for some time now, often focusing on the short-term needs of those preparing for special occasions. Now, a new Singapore company is setting its sights squarely on fashionistas and others who would rather not wear the same outfit twice. You can save tons of money, curb spending on clothes while maintaining a glamorous lifestyle with an infinite amount of clothes to wear. Avoid consumerism and the millions of excess clothes dumped in landfills.
Haute Couture Recycled Eco Fashion
Created 5/11/2009 7:54:21 AM 
Jeans are America's most used piece of clothing. Some people wear them until they'e truly unwearable. The more faded and more holes, the more they loves them. But there comes a time when these items just become unwearable. Denim is a prime fabric for recycling and there are many creative ways to recycle blue or any color jeans, make everything from backpacks to book covers.
Wear Gucci and Drive a Ferrari for one Day
Created 11/5/2008 7:41:21 AM 
If you can get great stuff, save money, and reduce your footprint with rental. Why buy? You're familiar with renting cars, homes, and movies. Why stop there? Imagine if you could rent anything to do with consumer and luxury goods - from Ferraris to Halloween costumes to fashion items to party equipment to tuxedos and beyond - all through one online venue.
Worn Again: Rubbish Fashion
Created 9/26/2008 7:48:21 AM 
Worn Again is a social business which was set up not only to transform consumption and manufacturing patterns through production of goods made from recycled materials, in an effort to reuse the millions of tons of textiles are thrown away every year around the world. It has been giving a new lease of life to old materials, such as car seat belts, prison blankets, bicycle tires, parachutes, firemenís uniforms, and more.
Charming Sexy Eco Footware
Created 9/19/2008 8:47:33 AM 
When it comes to purchasing in the high fashion marketplace, you have the power to make a difference. Increasingly, itís up to us as consumers to put our money into companies that will create the shift in the market for our environment and long-term health. But what makes a garment ďeco-friendlyĒ? It means using fewer chemicals in the production of clothes. Eco-friendly companies usually care about other things, too: fair-trade labor (labor without sweatshops), sustainable goods (products made locally in order to use less fuel), animal cruelty (no leather or fur) and recycling (reusing materials or making new materials out of things like plastic bottles).


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