ecoATM: Cash for your Old Cellphone
Created 9/29/2010 10:07:43 AM 
Approximately 75 percent of all retired cell phones are languishing in sock drawers because itís too much trouble to dispose of them properly. A startup called ecoATM hopes to change that with a new service.
Turn E-waste into Clean Electricity
Created 5/19/2010 8:51:46 AM 
You know how all that plastic crap is piling up in our landfills and polluting our oceans? When you think of recycling electronics, no doubt you imagine the old PC or mobile phone being disassembled, and itís metal and plastic parts melted down to be repurposed. But for some people, it means reusing the parts to generate energy.
iPhone Green Apps Save your Business' Money
Created 5/17/2010 8:16:58 AM 
Want to go green but afraid it might be too costly? Many business owners these days are intrigued by environmental sustainability but harbor the misconception that green is always an expensive luxury. While it is true that some eco-friendly products are more expensive than their non-green counterparts, it is actually possible to SAVE money through smart environmental choices.
e-Stewards: New Certification System for E-Waste Recycling
Created 5/10/2010 8:15:55 AM 
The problem of e-waste: Between the breakneck pace of technological progress and our voracious appetite for gadgets, we're accumulating piles of obsolete computers, cell phones, and other electronic junk. This stuff is hard to dispose of because it's full of many different materials and tends to contain toxins like mercury, lead, and arsenic. This junk is often shipped overseas where it's "recycled" with very little oversight and becomes an environmental and public health disaster.
Six Steps to Achieve Zero Waste at Home
Created 4/16/2010 8:06:47 AM 
Zero Waste is more than just a great goalĖ itís a practice thatís easier to adopt than you may think. The basic principle is that nothing should be thrown into landfills and everything is somehow reused or repurposed. Thereís no better place to take the practical steps towards zero waste than in your own home.
Give your Old Phone a New Life
Created 4/9/2010 8:13:30 AM 
As cell phone usage continues to grow and phone companies regularly release newer, hipper smartphones, electronic waste climbs accordingly. One of the developed world's biggest exports is increasingly e-waste, and the problem is not slowing down anytime soonóa study from the UN predicts a 500 percent rise in e-waste in developing countries by 2020. So what can be done now to slow that astounding rise?
The Green Driving Feedback Gadget
Created 1/25/2010 8:41:42 AM 
In one of Top Gearís more infamous vehicle tests, a Toyota Prius was pitted against a BMW M3 to see which car could get better gas mileage. The catch was, the Prius had to drive as fast as it could, while all the M3 had to do was keep up with the hybrid. The end result was the Prius got 17.2 mpg, while the M3 got 19.4 mpg. The point, is that it isnít what you drive, but how you drive.
How to Fix the Planet
Created 12/23/2009 7:53:02 AM 
Repair is recycling! The best way to keep electronics out of landfills is to keep them working longer. Toxic electronic waste is a global problem that we are working to solve. Self repair saves you money and helps the environment!
Unleashing the Power of Green Shoppers
Created 12/14/2009 7:53:35 AM 
What would you give for someone or something to helps you find safe, healthy, and sustainable products while you shop? How about simply scanning the barcode of the product and immediately see detailed ratings for health, environment and social responsibility for more than 50,000 products and companies.
GreenCitizen Success Story
Created 10/28/2009 9:36:32 AM 
Every year, an estimated 400 million units of obsolete electronics are scrapped. By 2010, this figure will rise to three billion units. While advances in technology continue to improve and enrich our lives, product lifecycles are getting shorter and shorter. And that means an increasing stockpile of end-of-life equipment that needs to be managed. When discarded, much of this equipment ends up in landfills in the US, or is exported to third world countries.


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