Green Advertisements in the Skies
Created 4/22/2009 8:23:17 AM 
While grass, sand, water, snow, wood and dirty streets have all been used as a medium for advertising, now there's yet another option for unconventional marketers: soap foam mixed with lighter-than-air gasses such as helium to create flying logos! These cool stuff is 100 % Green and environment friendly.
Green and Inexpensive Advertising for your Business
Created 3/9/2009 9:06:30 AM 
‘Cleanvertising’ has been expanded into an entire portfolio of green options. These sustainable media types creates maximum impact at minimal cost to the environment. This activity involves Green marketing involves developing and promoting products and services that satisfy customer's need for products and services without having a detrimental input on the environment.
Profiting from Recycled Junk Mail
Created 8/13/2008 7:49:28 AM 
Junk mail is advertising of one sort or another that arrives in your postal mailbox along with the mail you really want or need. It's impossible to eliminate all of it. They're ugly and a waste of ink and paper and we toss them in the trash at the first chance (some 4 million tons, nearly half of which is never opened). Even if you recycle there are still enormous environmental costs in terms of ink, energy to produce, deliver and recycle the paper.
Sustainable Products as Business Gifts
Created 11/20/2007 7:30:29 AM 
Promotional items or promotional products refers to merchandise that is used in marketing and communication programs. The items are usually imprinted or decorated with a company's name, logo or message. They are a popular marketing tool used by virtually every business to help communicate advertising messages, create goodwill and motivate recipients.


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